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Friday, August 3, 2012

INTERVIEW WITH Danielle Hunt, WHO IS Coming To Wellspanked.net

International Spanking Model Danielle Hunt will be coming to Wellspanked next month. A shoot is scheduled somewhere in mid SeptemberDanielle has previously worked for just about everyone but she hasn't received the kind of scorcher we dish out at Outlaw Spanking Video.  

Recently we sat down with her and had this interview:

I am pretty sure I speak for all of the US of A when I say that we are all stroked about your pending trip to visit us. I assume it is mostly going to be a business trip! Which companies do you plan to visit while you are here?
I am very excited about coming to the USA, I love travelling and I love the US, Im really into Mexican foods I hope to work with Outlaw, Clare Fonda, Chelsea Pfieffer, Shadow Lane, Pacific Force, Strictly Spanking Videos, Dallas Spanks Hard, Sarah Gregory, Miss Kelly Payne, and hopefully Amateur Spankings

Wow, you must have a bionic butt. Some of those companies spank very very hard :) How much recovery time between shoots do you usually need?
eeek, I forgot to mention Real Spankings

I dont really need that much recovery time as it is unusual that I bruise, the only bruising I usually have is when implements stray too high or too low or wrap around the thighs to areas where there is not much fat. 
You seem to stay quite busy. You've worked for Spanked in Uniform, Triple A Spanking, Spanking Sarah, and I am a few others that I have missed. Which movie did you get the most painful spanking and who administered it?
Im still recovering from a dallas spanks hard spanking, though i wouldnt say he gave me the hardest hand spanking ive ever hard, i think he was the hardest on implements as my skin was broken afterwards
hardest hand spankers....hmmmmm.....maybe spanked in uniform???? thats really hard to say, i would say english spankers comes at a close second

We'll you've already made a splash here. I have two models Amber Payne and Destiny that want to spank you and another Ricki Bobbi that wants to be spanked by you. Oh and there are lots of nice Mexican Restaurants here for you to try :) What all did Dallas Spank you with? Did he bring tears or are you too tough for that?

Im glad people on both sides of the pond like my spanking videos, I really like the American style and many of my favourite spanking sites are American.

I would love to get spanked by Amber Payne and Destiny, I have seen Destiny's work before and she looks gorgeous! And I cant wait to get my hands on Ricki Bobby

Dallas spanked me with his hand, a selection of wooden paddles, some rubber implements including a flyswatter and some straps. I wasnt so much tearful as I was concerned for my bottom as some skin broke!
Still it was a good experience!


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